Music Video Audition

I chose to audition three possible candidates to guarantee I had the best actress suited for my music video, please see below: Music video audition from MaiLan Mabbs on Vimeo.   Please see the screen grab from my Premier Pro application below: In conclusion, I have chosen to use Megan as the actress in my […]

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Evolution of ideas

I have decided to change my song from Dont feel like Dancin’ by the Scissor Sisters to Teddy Bear by Melanie Martinez (please see link below), due to the fact I believe this song allows me to explore more creative ideas. However; I am continuing with a pop video as well as using my original […]

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Interview questions

I am going to interview a range of my peers so that I can gauge an accurate idea of the conventions expected in a pop music video In a pop music video, would you expect… The (male) artist to be dressed in which outfit: Which location to be used: Would you expect more or less […]

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Music Video Narrative

The music video opens with the main character (Nathan) waking up, sitting up in bed and stretching- in sync with the lyrics ‘wake up in the morning’ However, a panning shot makes the audience aware of his feet dancing at the end of his bed, in time to the song The narrative follows the basic […]

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Replication of digipak

I used Adobe Photoshop to edit the image I took to replicate The Kooks Inside Out/Inside In cover, which I have shown below: Below is my replicate of the cover: Secondly, I did Two Door Cinema Clubs tourist history album, this one was far harder to replicate. However, this was beneficial for my photoshop skills […]

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Actors, Location, Props

Actors For my music video- the the Scissor Sisters ‘I don’t feel like Dancin’, my main actor is a friend called Nathan Le Blancq. I chose him for his ability to act, due to the fact he took Drama AS, as well as the fact he has an extremely upbeat personality. For my music video, […]

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Lyrics analysis

Here I have analysed the lyrics to ‘I don’t feel like dancin’ by the Scissor Sisters, as this is the song I have chosen to do my music video to. I wrote the ideas that came to mind, and further inserted photos of shots I wish to create

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