Final music video

I increased the saturation of my video in premier to further the childish nature that suits the idea behind the video and genre conventions, such as Melanie Martinez’s videos (below). The left screengrab is my third draft, and the right screengrab my final.


Please see my final music video below:



Please view my website by clicking the photo below:

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 12.43.51.png

After researching the conventions within artists commercial websites, I made my own website for my artist Megan Williams, consisting of a merchandise shop (filled with merch that I made using ) bio, music, photos, video links and a tour page. I further added social media links that furthered opportunities for feedback as well as making the website as realistic as possible. Please see my website presentation below:



Below is my final digipak, both within the guidelines and without. I am pleased with my digipak as the colour scheme is accurately inspired by other anti-pop albums and the objects and images presented on my over are both conventional, and slightly odd- therefore engaging my audience. I reiterated the title of the album by putting it on the actual disc, as well as putting the necessary production logos and commercial barcode on my back cover.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 15.11.05.png

Front cover:

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 15.13.51.png

Although I personally do not particularly find the conventional albums of the anti-pop genre I am doing aesthetically pleasing, I am happy that my digipak fits the conventions of the genres, through the use of a pastel colours, and typically childish, weird images. Such as Melanie Martinez’s two single covers below:

Therefore corresponding with the childish cake motif on my cover and use of pastel colours and a clear, simple font such as on the ‘Cake’ cover.

Back cover:

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 15.14.44.png

I continued with my Teddy Bear motif in accordance with the title of the song and the recurring use of the Bear throughout my music video to create brand recognition. I used a cake on my back cover as it further created a link between my music video and my album cover, such as the pink Teddy Bear.

CD and Inside cover:

I continued with the shade of  blue, use of pastel colours and font for the CD and Inside cover. I made the inside of the digipak extremely simple in accordance with the young and childish nature of the narrative behind my music video. I further used a pair of dice on the inside cover for the sake of brand recognition and the continuation of a motif that is used on my website

Evaluation Question Four

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

To develop an understanding of genre conventions, I initially researched music videos of all genres to gain a vast understanding, of what was expected from actors, locations and props used in music videos. I chose to use vimeo as my method of presentation as I felt it was appropriate, because many other amateur directors such myself use. It was also extremely useful as a platform to upload videos in high definition, as well as the fact is gave me the ability to embed my videos directly into my WordPress blog. However, I chose to research my music videos on youtube as the selection was far wider and was also where the majority of artists publish their official videos, for more accurate research. I then took screenshots on my laptops of the shots I felt fairly represented the genre conventions and then put them in a pages document alongside a caption, this was a particularly easy program to use and layout my documents in. I then took screen grabs of these and presented them on WordPress, which was extremely useful for demonstrating the progress and improvement of my work as it presented my posts chronologically. Furthermore, I used Wix to create my final website, this was extremely easy to use and allowed me to add my own images to establish my Artists brand.

To edit all the videos that I used in my planning, such as my target audience video and my audition video; I have used the editing program adobe premiere. I have found this extremely useful this year, as it means I have been able to successfully edit my video and further add layers to it, such as images, to further my audiences understanding-demonstrated by the presentation of my peers choices in the target audience video. Premiere has the function of non chronological editing, meaning that the clips can be moved around on the timeline, this was particularly useful as it allowed me to match specific footage to lyrics in the music. This also meant that I could map out my entire video and leave spaces for clips I hadnt filmed yet – evident by me leaving gaps in my drafts and captions explaining the necessity for them, this also allowed me to gain a sense of timings during the early stages of my video construction, emphasising how I successfully used media technologies in the construction of my product. Furthermore, I utilised the video effect settings on Premiere to improve the visual quality of my footage, evident through the coloration on my final video looking dramatically more suited to conventions of the genre as I increased the saturation to make it look more vibrant and colourful.

During this course I was introduced to Adobe InDesign, a programme I had never previously used. In this program I played around with potential digipaks and images to practice making my final digipak. Using a digipak template was extremely useful for altering the photos and being able to correctly edit my images in Photoshop. I used photoshop many times over the course, when making my practice Digipak replicant, my digipak drafts and final product, and for the editing of photos to add to my website. I followed a tutorial on youtube to learn how to use skin correction to improve the quality of the photo on my digipak and make it more effective.

For the practical aspect of the construction of my video, I used a Canon 70D. I believe I benefited by using this camera, especially for my narrative and close up performance shots. This was because I could change settings easily depending on the location and lighting, however I found it unsuitable for shots of longevity as the footage came out shaky and unfocused, although I fixed this by using a tripod. The camera provided high definition footage for my music video, which I believe it extremely important, especially for a music video as it activates the audience into the storyline of the video. To conclude, I believe that my usage of various media technologies throughout my A2 course have helped me in the construction, planning and evaluation stages of my final media product.

Evaluation Question Three

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

It can be argued that a crucial factor in the development of my work over the last two years; specifically the A2 course, is due to the feedback gained from audience members and teachers. The use of social media has been extremely beneficial for both the publication and sharing of my work, and the gathering of feedback on it, evident through the easily accessible nature of vimeo, meaning my peers, teachers and target audience can easily view my work. WordPress was an extremely useful platform to present my work and progress, as it meant people giving feedback could navigate my blog chronologically and see the improvements I made made throughout my work. Furthermore, I made my coursework more accessible to my peers by advertising it on a social media account, posted on both my blog and linked to my Artists website, therefore I gained even more useful feedback from my peers. In reflection, I would have posted my video drafts on youtube, for the sake of making receiving feedback easier and contained in one area, such as other peers have done.

Overall, the tool I utilised most was my ability to collect opinions off my peers, demonstrated by my interview. This allowed me to create a bespoke survey on my chosen song with multiple choice answers; as well as giving my peers the opportunity to provide more in depth feedback, instead of being limited to the set multiple choice answers on an online survey and therefore my participants were not limited to just the options I had laid out for them- and give me more truthful and realistic ideas and criticisms. In my interview I asked my participants questions about locations, costumes, actors, props and even how much narrative over performance they expected from my song, I developed this into a video so that I could look back on it. If I were to redo this part of my research, I would have also interviewed an older demographic, who also did not have social media and were unable to give me feedback. This would have given me a more varied response as the majority of my feedback was received by my peers; teenagers; and my two media teachers.

My audience feedback was extremely influential on the development of my digipak design. Initially I designed my digipak using a pink bubble style background, with a dramatic curly font for both the title of the album and artist name, as I held the opinion that it was necessary to have an an over the top title to be eye catching. However, after receiving both peers and teacher feedback I was advised to make the font and background more subtle, however, to also maintain the use of crayon outlining around the objects within the photograph, as it strengthened the childish appeal of my work and the conventions of the genre, such as the research I did on Charli XCX’s ‘Sucker’ album, which also depicted a singular character in a Pop-genre fashion. I developed my original digipak using these criticisms, however ended up with a product I, as well as my peers felt, did not correlate with the upbeat and innocent feeling behind my music video. My final digipak looked every different to my first draft, however maintained some aspects that were highly complimented through my development of digipaks drafts, such as my use of pastel colours and imagery of my artist, which continually demonstrated the childish nature of Megan.

I found that as I progressed throughout the creation of my final product that comments and feedback became less constructive and generally more positive, given me the understanding my product was heading in the right direction, and demonstrates how audience feedback was extremely influential on the development of my work over the A2 course.


Evaluation Question Two

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The combination of my main product and the previous ancillary tasks; consisting of a digipak and website; is very effective in the way that they are all recognisable as being apart of my artists branding, due to the fact the images clearly link to each other through style, props, actors and locations. I was partly able to do this by taking the pictures, for use on both my website and digipak, on site whilst filming; therefore this helped them to look the same and reiterate the association between the three products.

The locations I used were similar in all of my tasks, including my video- however, the promotional photos on my website being the only exception to this, which helped emphasis the artistic branding. I believe that my use of costumes and props was extremely effective in demonstrating the association between my products, as they were both extremely distinctive and eye catching parts of my products. I used the motif of a pink teddy bear throughout my video, based on the surface lyrics and title of the song ‘Teddy Bear’, which I also made my back cover image to reinforce artist branding, as well as the pacifier prop and use of bubblegum within my digipak drafts and websites promotional pictures. Furthermore, Megan wore the same costume and hairstyle for both the digipak cover and website images photography, throughout the video, to add consistency and further strengthen the branding.

I maintained a pastel colour scheme throughout my digipak and website, as well as pastel coloured costumes in my video, in accordance with the alternative pop genre conventions demonstrated by other artists such as Melanie Martinez, it also contributed to the success of establishing artist branding. To further the artist branding through the use of colour, I increased the saturation of my video to make the colouration as bright and playful as my ancillary products. I used Wix as an outlet to create my website, by using the ‘music’ template, I was given all of the necessary features for a conventional music video, such as a tour page; which I adapted to fit my colour scheme and genre conventions, by adding a photography, video and merch page, such as artists of the genre have on their websites. The creation of merchandise for my artist was different to the creation of my website and digipak, I used a personal design website, and created all of the merchandise using both my artists name and distinctive artist branding, such as the dice logo from my digipak and pacifier from my music video, as well as the conventional colour scheme, to further link all three of my products together successfully.

I effectively combined my main product and ancillary texts by featuring my artists album front cover, song and main product on my artists website. This was successful as it appeared to realistically promote and album, and further tie in my digipak and video to an online audience. This is an evident common way of artists to promote their products, demonstrated by the promotion of Melanie Martinez’s most recent videos on her website.